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Ignition Cylinder Problems – what to do about Them!

Are you experiencing problems with your car’s ignition cylinder? Did you plan on running an errand or going for a drive but nothing happened when you turned the ignition key? This has to be one of the most frustrating aspects of driving! If you are like most, ignitions go unthought-of most of the time. Instead, we think of our destination, or our fellow passenger, or what we are having for lunch; anything! We fully expect to turn the key and to hear that familiar engine turn-over sound, and off we go!
Pro Newport News Locksmith often gets calls for automotive locksmith needs and at or near the top of the list are ignition cylinder problems. That’s why we’ve made this post, so our readers will better know what to do the next time they experience issues with their car’s ignition cylinder.

Ignitions are getting more complicated!

Yes, it’s true; ignition systems are getting more advanced, and you know what they say about more features; there are more parts to break down! Originally, ignition cylinders were built to supply power to your car’s engine. Nowadays they still do that, but power is also supplied to other components like windshield wipers, radio, GPS, power seats, disc player, power windows, headlights, air conditioner, heaters and more. We depend on our ignitions for a lot and we really feel the panic when they don’t work! So before you get your auto mechanic, car dealer or locksmith on speed dial, consider these tips by our Newport News, VA locksmith experts, and who knows? You might just save yourself a service call!

The importance of the right gear!

This one is a “doozy” because it happens so often; people try and start their cars in the wrong gear! In order to get your car’s ignition cylinder to start, you need to be in the PARK gear; nothing else; not NEUTRAL; not DRIVE; only PARK! Not only will your transponder key not turn, the engine won’t even begin to turn over. Actually, being in the wrong gear can be deadly. Every year people are injured or even killed because their vehicle rolled forward or backward and hit them. This is due to being in the wrong gear. It’s easy to do. In today’s busy world we are madly going from one errand to the next. It’s easy to “think” that you put the car in gear when you really didn’t.

Steering wheel is locked

Sometimes, when you lean too hard on the steering wheel, it locks up. When this happens, your transponder key won’t be able to start the ignition. Don’t let this panic you. Just apply a little pressure on the steering wheel until it moves back and forth and releases your key. So many times, this locking up action is confused with ignition cylinder problems when it really isn’t.

Check your battery

Another culprit that is often mistaken for ignition cylinder problems is your car’s battery. If the battery is dead, the car won’t start and many confuse one problem for the other. If your vehicle’s engine won’t turn over, try testing for battery power. The most common way is to see how your dashboard lights are working. You can also try the radio, power windows, headlights or windshield wipers. If they work, the battery is fine. If you hear a series of fast clicking sounds, your starter switch is the problem. It’s always a good idea when “working” on your car to put the emergency brake on. With everything you are trying to do and all that is on your mind, it is easy to let the car roll forward or backward and this could be dangerous not only to you but to others.

Is the key stuck?

Sometimes, the ignition key gets stuck in the cylinder. This can happen when the wrong key is used by mistake and also when the right key is used but the ignition is already in the ON position. Try lightly tapping the key and see if it is released but be careful not to break it! You don’t want to compound your problems by suddenly needing broken off key extraction service, too. If you did use the right key, and you are able to turn the ignition to the off position, remove it completely and re-insert it. The ignition cylinder should work now.

Be careful getting help!

Getting help for your car’s ignition cylinder is not a bad idea but be careful where that help comes from. Sometimes friends and family members mean well but they can do more harm than good if they don’t know what they are doing. There are a lot of would-be car mechanics in the world and chances are that you know some. Keep in mind that after the dust settles it is still your car and the repair bills are still up to you. If someone you know really does have a reasonable background in car mechanics then by all means, give them a call – just be selective!

Search the web

The second biggest search engine on the planet is YouTube and there are thousands of videos on car repair, ignition problems and the like. If you have the time and the inclination, you can watch some of these and see if they help. Each person is different and has different time constraints. To most, their time is very valuable and if you need your car’s ignition cylinder to work like new again, the do-it-yourself method just won’t cut it.

Call a locksmith!

Our advice is to rely on the expertise of a licensed, bonded and insured Newport News, VA locksmith expert. By doing so, you get the advantage of their expertise along with their tools, training, and 24-hour availability. If you are a busy person or if others depend on you, make the most of your resources and call on real lock professionals to help you out. After all, it is your car’s ignition cylinder we are talking about, and if that doesn’t work, you are not driving anywhere!

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